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Isn't it beautiful
We're not really here?
Since the last few entries have already been so, I think I'm gonna go ahead and just make this place straight up friends only from now on. Comment if you wanna be mah friend.
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 Apart from watching the Do You Feel music video about a hundred times, I haven't done too much this weekend. Shocker, I know. My life is usually buzzing with excitement. I actually did go out last night, with Jen's friends because let's face it, we all know I don't have any in this here town. Jen and Sarah and I went to the pool for a little bit and then out to eat at some Mexican place with David Hall and then we played cards at our place for a while and eventually went to a get together at D Hall's. I didn't know hardly anyone there but it was fun sitting on their porch and watching the games of beer pong and listening to/picking out some good tunes from David's extensive collection. Once a lot of people started showing up I got a little less comfortable because I didn't know hardly any of them, so I usually sat in silence unless I was talking to Jen/Sarah/David/a couple other people I semi-knew. But it was nice not sitting at home like I am tonight.

I woke up at almost 1 today and have done absolutely nothing all day. I put up like six of my posters, got pie with Jen down the street, and have spent the rest of the day in my pajamas not doing my homework. I'm also stressing out soooo much about The Rocket Summer shows. I asked my mom for a car update today and found out that I won't have it by this weekend, which means I'm going to be super late in line at the Anaheim show and I don't even know if I have a way of getting to the San Diego show. I think this stress is why I've had a headache all afternoon. Most people would be more than okay with going to two out of three possible shows, but I can't handle not being able to go to all of them. Bryce is the one thing in my life that can always make me happy, no matter what, without fail. Any chance to see him is a chance to not sit in my apartment, hating myself and my life, which is what tends to happen. I hope I can find a way to the show, it's just the fact that it's in less than a week makes it a little harder and I'm getting way too stressed. aghhh.

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The new Rocket Summer music video for Do You Feel premiered today.
I don't really have any words except that I was blown away. My two favorite dudes in the music industry, and some other amazing people as well. Such a beautiful video. I cried, which I don't know that I've ever done while watching a music video. Let's change the world, kids.

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Current Music: The Rocket Summer - Do You Feel

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As much as I hate papers and research and the fact that my grade in almost every class is solely based on midterm/final/papers, I love going to most of my classes this semester (French excluded, because my professor blows). Today in History of TV we watched I Love Lucy (Vitameataveagmin!), part of the Milton Berle Show, musical appearances on the Ed Sullivan show (The Beatles, The Jackson 5, Elvis, The Doors, The Lovin' Spoonful, Ray Charles, etc), and a documentary on Edward R. Murrow. As useless as my major is, it's not a bad gig being able to say that my classes consist of watching great TV.

I also learned that Edward R. Murrow lied on his resume when applying to CBS. Maybe I can make a film studies degree profitable after all...

Also, we had to get rid of Buster. We had him for less than a week, and Jean took him to the vet today on the suspicion that he had worms. He did, and apparently the treatment would be extremely expensive and extensive, so Jean's dad made the call that she should just return him to the shelter. I'm trying not to think about it because when I picture that amazing little kitten back at the animal shelter after tearing around our apartment for a week and getting all kinds of attention, my heart breaks a little. But I can't let myself think about it.

I also am getting some kind of rash on my arm. I think it's just a heat rash but it's really annoying.

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I spent most of the long weekend with Matt and Janelle...they got in on Friday and we went to Jeff & William's. We chowed down on some In-N-Out and hung out with them and Will's old roommate Lee. All of us (minus Jeff and Ella) went down to Laguna Beach just for kicks. We walked along the beach and all the shops and art galleries on PCH. We went to this fragrance store tucked away amongst cheap swimsuit and handbag shops and the guy there was really knowledgeable and well-spoken. He was born in Europe and raised in Canada and he knew so much about the history of perfumes and the characteristics of various scents; it was really interesting to listen to him talk. Then we all went to IHOP in Huntington for dinner, which was delicious as usual.

Saturday, Matt and Janelle and I went up to Venice Beach to check out all the crazies there. I hadn't been there in forever and she had never even heard of it, so it was fun to show her around. All my favorite crazies were out and about; it's good that some things never change. We had lunch out there and I got sunburned lying on the beach. Then we drove up to Malibu and all the way through Topanga Canyon which spit us out north of LA. After driving up and down Hollywood and Sunset, past all the sights that Janelle had never been to, we went to South Pasadena and Alhambra to see me and Matt's old stomping grounds. Even though I was pretty young for most of my memories at these places, they still hold a lot of meaning for me. We went by Grandma & Grandpa's old house (I miss that house sososo much) and the apartment my family lived in when I was a wee baby, and Ross & Claralyn's old place and Garfield Park, etc. I would love to live in that area; the neighborhoods are so nice and it doesn't feel much different from when we were little. I joked about renting the same apartment our family lived in, but I totally would, even though I don't remember that apartment at all. But I feel like our days in California were some of the best. After we made it back south to Orange, we went out to Zito's, ate delicious food, and Matt demolished me in a game of air hockey.

Sunday, after M&J spent much time deliberating, they decided to go to Disneyland yay. I finally got another annual pass and we were there for a good nine hours or so. No matter how many times I go, Disneyland is one of my favorite places in the world. Matt made fun of me because I am five years old on the inside and I get really really excited when the Beauty & the Beast float goes by in the parade and I sing along with it as well, and because I love the Peter Pan ride even though it's short and nothing really happens on it. After the old folks got tuckered out we went and got some more In-N-Out and then I watched Mad Men at Jeff & Will's. M&J went home the next day after we wandered around Main Street in Huntington, and I spent the rest of Labor Day not doing a whole lot of anything.

This week hasn't been too exciting. Jean got a kitten this weekend named Buster and now that I'm finally home for more than five minutes after this weekend it's nice playing with him. He's completely out of his mind, and adorable. I can't even be mad at him when he wakes me up at 7 a.m. by licking my eyelid, because he's just that cute. He's currently napping on my bed.

We watched Annie Hall yesterday in Film Aesthetics, which has probably been the highlight of my week thus far. I love that movie so much. This entry is completely pointless and I need to go to bed because I have work in 8 hours.

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appar i'm getting a new car. it's old and probably crappy but hopefully it will be here within a couple weeks and then i can do exciting things like go grocery shopping.

this also means bryce hopefully gets an entire weekend of me annoying him. lucky man.

i'm kind of scared to drive. it's been 2 1/2 months. aghh.
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as much as I hate myself I think I have some kind of superiority complex. I don't get it....?

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My class today, Intro to Film Aesthetics, is a freshman film class that I was actually signed up for freshman year and then I dropped it to take this BS class called Art of Story that we were told we had to take, when really we didn't. Since then, it hasn't ever fit in my schedule or my registration date has been too late, so here I am as a junior taking a freshman course. And I am pretty sure I am going to want to kill myself. It's basically going to cover everything I've learned the past two years, or knew before even coming to college, and it's aimed toward incoming freshmen or people who aren't even in the film school who are taking this class as a fine arts GE. In a class of 90 people, I think me and one other person even knew who John Cassavetes was when the prof asked. From the looks of the syllabus, we're going to be watching some good movies, and the professor seems pretty chill, but we watched Mean Streets today and people made comments like "Scorcese used handheld cameras and jump cuts to give the film a rough feel" and the prof is like "yes, that's very good". OOOH YEAH GREAT INSIGHT KIDS. And he has to explain mise-en-scene and oh my gosh I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get a whole lot out of this class except watching some good movies and then writing papers. Awesome. I sounded like an elitist snob in that paragraph but it's just because I've been through two years of this information already. It feels wrong that I'm taking "Intro to Film Aesthetics" and "Advanced Topics in Film Studies" in the same semester.

I also worked 7 1/2 hours today. But I'm just that much closer to the three-day weekend now.

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It doesn't even make sense how good Mad Men is.

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i can't handle classes starting tomorrow. 

or that i spent the last day of summer sitting on the couch alone while my roommates were out with friends. awesome.

bryce in 18 days. i have to keep telling myself that.

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